The Government of India launched the Quality improvement Programme in the year 1970. One of the main objectives of the programme is to upgrade the expertise and capabilities of the faculty members of the degree level technical and professional institutions in the country. The programme is now being implemented and monitored by All India Council for Technical Education. In “Quality Improvement Programme” only sponsored teachers are eligible for admission to both Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programmes.


The aim is to enable the teachers to acquire Master’s and Doctoral degrees and imbibe them a culture of research and better teaching educational capabilities by exposing them to the environment of the institutes of study.
The centre is involved in its activities through following modules:

  1.      1. Admission for Ph.D Degree Programme .
  2.      2. Organizing One / Two Week Short Term Courses.
  3.      3. Curriculum Development (CD) Cell activities is discontinued from 2016-17.




Two principal activities under QIP scheme are being carried out by the QIP Centre, IIT Roorkee

  1.      1. Providing opportunities to faculty members of AICTE recognized degree level engineering Colleges/institutes to enhance their qualifications, i.e. Ph.D. degree programmes.

  2.      2. Organizing Short Term Courses for faculty working in engineering institutes/colleges approved by AICTE.
    Till date, the Centre has helped in upgrading the qualification of about 442 teachers through Master of Technology / Engineering and about 737 teachers through Ph.D. programme from all over India. Further, it has conducted 395 Short Term Courses in which 8644 technical teachers have participated. Also the Centre has published 135 Monographs/Books, prepared 84 Multi-mode teaching aids, organised 103 Workshops/Conference/Seminars, conducted 36 Special Lectures.